Wednesday, April 12, 2017

How absent-minded do you have to be to forget about an entire blog?

Holy shitbirds, y'all - I actually forgot about this blog! Someone in my online sobriety community wrote, "I wish you had a blog," and I said I did, but I don't write about sobriety on it because it's under my own name and I'm not "out" yet to the entire world. To my close friends and family, yes, but not to the general public.

So anyway, I said I had this old anonymous blog, and to be honest I couldn't even remember whether I'd written about drinking and not drinking here, couldn't remember when I'd stopped writing here. Two and a half years ago, as it turns out, long enough for me to have forgotten the password to log in.

So I'm going to start writing here again. I have to leave for work two minutes ago, so it won't be this morning, but I just wanted to say hello and glad to be back.

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